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Apartment in neoclassic style in Borovlyany

Interior of the apartment in the Neoclassic style. 13 visualizations were made. Interior of the living room, bedroom. The office of the house is in neoclassic style. Colors: gray, green and brown shades. Natural materials.


Neoclassic apartment interior photoVisualization of the hallway. View 1.


Designers of Studio 57 created a project in the Neoclassic style for the interior of the apartment in the Zeleny Bor district. At first glance it might seem that the color scheme is too dark, which can look gloomy and faded. But in the design of the rooms used classic combinations of colors, which looks expensive and original. The style fits perfectly into the interior of a small apartment, without making heavier space.


Style Neoclassic in the interior of the apartment photoVisualization of the hallway. View 2.


For the design of the corridor, a gray color scheme was chosen in combination with shades of white. Doors made of natural materials resemble classic ones, while the floor design looks lively and dynamic – the ethnic decoration perfectly complements the composition of the room, creating a vivid accent.


Neoclassicism design in the interior of a photo of real apartmentsVisualization of the living room. View 1.


The style of the apartment design is most readable in the design of the living room. Paintings on the walls, ceiling with a plinth, lamps of classical forms are combined with functional shelves on the walls and modern technology. The use of various wall coverings makes the interior more interesting. It is impossible not to pay attention to the fact that all the details in the interior are large. Designers were able to pick up quite large-scale elements of furniture and decor so that a small room does not look small and crowded.


Neoclassic apartment interior design photoVisualization of the living room. View 2.

Style Neoclassic in the interior of the apartment photo designVisualization of the living room. View 3.

Kitchens Neoclassic in the interior of the apartment photoVisualization of the kitchen. View 1.


The kitchen is the brightest room in the apartment. The flooring here is the same as in the corridor, so the interior design of the Neoclassic style apartment looks solid and uniform, intertwining in different motives in all rooms. A classic candle-chandelier and technique harmonizes with the light design of the kitchen, creating a contrast of light and dark.


Kitchen in a modern classic style photoVisualization of the kitchen. View 2.

Bedroom style modern classic photoVisualization of the bedroom. View 1.


Furniture accessories of the bedroom consists of natural materials. And designers use different shades of wood to beat the interior. Dark bedside cabinets are combined with a light chest of drawers and a bed, as if standing out against the background of other objects. The soft, quiet colors allow to feel the comfort of the room. Due to the large window the room looks bright.


Modern classic bedroom interior photoVisualization of the bedroom. View 2.


The apartment had a small room, which was decided to decorate as a dressing room. The interior of the room is the same as in the bedroom – wooden parquet, white doors, gray walls. Functional shelves allow to place a large number of clothes, not occupying all the space, so there is room for fitting left.


Interior of a cloakroom photoVisualization of the wardrobe.

Interior design cabinet in neoclassic style photoVisualization of the cabinet. View 1.


The Cabinet is most reminiscent of the fact that the apartment is decorated not in simply classic style, but in modern classics. Functional furniture for work, comfortable rotating armchair, soft sofa for rest – an excellent composition for comfortable work at home. The design is complemented by paintings on the walls. The classic element is a soft ottoman on the floor, as well as natural materials.


Neoclassic design in an apartment photoVisualization of the cabinet. View 2.


Loggia completes the composition of the apartment. Designers of Studio 57 make it a room for rest. Wicker chairs and a soft mat are great for the owners to comfortably spend their evenings here. The floor covering, as in the kitchen and the corridor, accentuates against a background of quiet, soft colors.


How to decorate a neoclassic style loggiaVisualization of the loggia.


Neoclassicism style in the interior of the apartment 60 square meters was implemented in a short time – the specialists coped for 1.5 months without taking into account the compilation of visualizations. It turned out an original interior for fashion trends – a combination of timeless classics with trends and principles of modern design.

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