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Austerity and rebellion in the interior design of the clothing store Philipp Plein in Paris

    The interior design of a clothing store is the first thing buyers see when entering a store. The appearance of the shopping area should attract the attention of the visitor and increase the desire to make purchases. Studio57 designers used these rules when creating the interior design for the Philipp Plein clothing store in Paris.


    In the design of the boutique, the authors of the project wanted to reflect the main direction of the collection of clothes: strict, clear lines, contrasting black and white, even a bit of rebellion expressed in hard metal finishing materials. If the Philipp Plein brand creates eye-catching clothes, then the store should be different from others, be bright and conspicuous.




Photos of clothing store design

Visualization of the Philipp Plein store. View 1.



      Despite the small variety of colors, the interior design of the clothing store looks impressive due to the use of mirror surfaces, unusual graphic details and decorative elements. But their location was chosen taking into account the fact that the design acts as a background. The multi-level ceiling, textured wall with mirror tiles and an art element in the form of a skull are not out of the general concept, but emphasize and complement it.

      The idea of the collection is the connection of strict classics and modern minimalism. The chandelier in the classical style and panel walls are combined with cold metal racks and mirror surfaces.



Interior clothing store in black and white shades

Visualization of the Philipp Plein store. View 2.



    Also one of the most important details of the decor should be a sign that reflects the brand name. It should be placed in such a way that it is noticeable immediately at the entrance to the store. In the case of the Philip Plein boutique, it is part of the decorative wall in the center of the store.


    Designers managed to follow the rules of zoning. The space of the boutique should be fully utilized, but at the same time, customers should be able to move freely. Since the area of the boutique is quite large, we managed to place all the necessary commercial equipment without loading space.


    The first thing that a customer sees when entering a store is a collection of clothes presented on the stand and racks a little behind. Behind the “hot zone” there is a resting place, which is expressed by designer chairs and a coffee table. Along the perimeter walls there are shelves and hangers with clothes. The location of the goods allows buyers to conveniently move around the store and view the goods.


    Lighting plays a very important role in the interior of the store. The highlight should present the product in a “favorable light”. To do this, our designers used spotlights around the perimeter of the walls, allowing to highlight the entire territory of the store, as well as made a multi-level ceiling with lighting at the lower level.



Design project brand fashion

Visualization of the Philipp Plein store. View 3.


      In general, the design project of the store turned out to be single and complete. Goods, commercial equipment, color of the walls are made in the same color range, while the store itself turned out to be spacious and comfortable. Our studio was glad to work with the Philipp Plein brand, we sustained its style and supported the marketing of the company, with which we are very proud!

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