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Beauty salon interior design

Design of the manicure and pedicure parlours, beauty parlour. Modern interior design of the barbershop.


    The interior design of a beauty salon plays an important role in its commercial success. The visitor immediately sees how the room is decorated. Therefore, in order to attract a client and be remembered by him, it is necessary to create an atmosphere of beauty inside. Interior design can also affect the perception of the quality of interior services by the client. Light shades, plain textures without a pattern, good lighting creates an atmosphere of cleanliness and comfort.


    The first thing we thought about was the client and how to meet him. Reception! Every girl sometimes wants to be in the place of Princess Diana, and even if she has to wait a bit, she should do it with proper service and in a wonderful atmosphere. That is why the designers of the studio made such a luxurious and beautiful reception.


Reception design in the beauty salon



Making a reception at a beauty salon

Visualization of the beauty salon. View 1.



    Modern interior design style was chosen for the salon. In the reception area, visitors are greeted by a romantic reception desk with lantern lights. The color accent here is the sign with the name of the salon in black. By the way, the presence of a bright signboard with the name is a mandatory component of any commercial premises. Customers should remember you!

The color scheme of the interior is light, the ceiling is decorated with unusual lamps, reminiscent of dandelions or pompons. There is also a soft gray sofa, which actively stands out against the background of bright finishes.



Manicure zone



Interior manicure cabinet

Visualization of the manicure area



Design photo of a small square beauty salon

Visualization of the beauty salon. View 2.


    The usual task was before the designers – to put everything you need in a small room. Therefore, the second, about whom the designers thought was the staff. A large number of equipment and fixtures suggested the presence of a number of outlets, and the endless bottles with different applications required the presence of shelves next to the place of the master. At the same time, you need to remember to highlight the master’s zone with an emphasis on the part of the body with which he works. Difficult, but not scary!


    This problem was solved by the presence of hidden sockets with a protective surface, in case the liquid spills. The lights on the mirrors, table lamps, tables next to the windows and just a lot of spotlights on the stretch glossy ceiling not only performs the function of lighting, but also creates the atmosphere of an entire photo studio with a beautiful location.

    Near the counter is a manicure zone, next to the window for a large amount of light. A shelf with lacquers is suspended from the ceiling and is located next to the master’s workplace. On the table there is a hook for the client’s handbag. There is also a TV, which can be viewed not only at the manicure, but also from the couch near the counter.



Design project of a small beauty salon

Visualization of the beauty salon. View 3.



Design project of a small beauty salon

Visualization of the beauty salon. View 4.


    The color palette in beige color is well suited for beauty studios: in this interior there is more light, so it is more convenient for craftsmen to serve customers, and visitors can make a beautiful selfie with a new haircut or make-up from anywhere in the salon.



Beauty salon bright interior design

Visualization of the beauty salon. View 5.



    The barber shop area is separated from the reception area by a pink curtain. Designers have planned the space in such a way that the small cabin can be divided into several zones. The wall near the sink is decorated with a collage of paintings in light frames in the old style. The barber shop maintains a romantic theme of the salon: pink and beige tones, a bit of furniture, floral decorations.



An example of the interior of a beauty salon

Visualization of the beauty salon. View 6.



Wall decor in the interior of a beauty salon

Visualization of the beauty salon. View 7.



    Take note: you can highlight the shelves with cosmetics and tools. It will be more convenient for masters to search for the necessary tool, and in the interior it looks unusual and stylish, reminding shelves in expensive stores. Therefore, even the usual tile will recede into the background, providing the client with only a contour of jars for all procedures.


Pedicure room



How to make a beauty salon

Visualization of the beauty salon. View 8.



    All the comfortable working conditions are created in the pedicure office: a special chair for the master, a soft seat for the client, a sink on the floor, a table with varnishes and a rack with the necessary tools, a podium for convenience. Natural materials in the interior of the cabin are harmoniously combined with light panels and cabinets. Green plants in pots look stylish, adding eco style to the interior.



  Photos of pedicure cabinet design

Visualization of the beauty salon. View 9.



Beauty parlor



How to make a pedicure cabinet

Visualization of the beauty salon. View 10.



Backlight in the pedicure office

Visualization of the beauty salon. View 11.



Registration of beauty salon

Visualization of the beauty salon. View 12.


    The snow-white chair looks luxurious and expensive in the beauty salon. The decoration resembles an elite spa, it will allow clients to relax and unwind. The furniture is chosen dark to look dynamic against the background of the overall white design. The room is provided with a cupboard for the necessary items, shelves with cosmetics.



Arrangement of furniture in the beauty salon

Visualization of the beauty salon. View 13.


Utility room



Utility room beauty salon design photo

  Visualization of the beauty salon. View 14.


    Designers of Studio 57 took care of the employees of the salon, issued them a utility room. Masters can relax, drink coffee, dine and even wash clothes or towels here. The fashionable combination of black, white and beige, as well as bar stools and the style of the rest of the furniture turns the room into a mini-cafe. 


 Interior office space photo

  Visualization of the beauty salon. View 15.



     – In order to create beauty for our clients, the design of our salon must meet their expectations. When a girl comes to us for a manicure, she will see a beautiful design and trendy decor, which will definitely increase her level of confidence in our staff. She will be sure that her manicure will be made with high quality and taste, – say the customers. A competent design project of a beauty salon will help increase the flow of customers, as well as the average bill for services.

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