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Brutal design for the “Egoist” Barbershop

Interior design for the barbershop in the style of Loft. 6 visualizations. The combination of wood and brick in the interior. Dark brown shades. Leather furniture in the interior of the barber shop. Interior design for the men’s room in the beauty salon in the style of Loft.


    Barbershop is not just a men’s hairdresser’s parlor, but a place saturated with the atmosphere of masculinity, brutality and impeccable style. In order to properly design the interior of such a hairdressing salon, designers need to work not only on how to place the equipment or select the right light, but also to choose materials and colors. Also, a competent approach to the design project of a barbershop will help attract customers, as well as bypassing its competitors in popularity and profitability of the institution. Therefore, the founders of the salon turned to the designers of Studio 57 for help in interior design.


Interior design barbershop

Visualization of the barbershop. View 1.

Beautiful interior of the barbershop

Visualization of the barbershop. View 2.


    – According to customers, dark colors should have prevailed in the cabin, but they did not want to see a gloomy interior. For this, we have selected a combination of wood and brick, which is ideal for a brutal “male” salon, – the studio workers shared.


    Despite the fact that in general the room is in dark shades, the designers tried to illuminate the room carefully. Suspended lamps and lights on the mirrors illuminate the client’s head from all sides, which means the master will work in comfort. And the main light are the usual lamps in the loft style. This preserves the coarse masculine atmosphere of the room, which was achieved by designers’ interior solution.


Design of men's hair salon photo

Visualization of the barbershop. View 3.


      The barbershop also has a bar where customers can drink coffee or look through magazines, and a seating area with stylish leather seating. Despite the small size of the room, the designers were able to plan it so that the client could not only receive the services of a hairdresser, but also simply and comfortably spend time here.

Male hall in hairdressing salon interior design photo

Visualization of the barbershop. View 4.


     Loft style is often used for restaurants or coffee shops, while it fits perfectly into the interior of the barbershop. Brickwork in combination with dark natural wood and leather furniture immerses the salon in an atmosphere of masculine character and asceticism. Paintings on the walls and metal racks complete the overall picture, reviving the interior with great profit.


Design of men's hair salon photo

 Visualization of the barbershop. View 5.


    – Recently, beauty salon owners often turn to the services of professional designers. They understand that today, in order to attract a client, it is not enough just to cut the hair well; We tried to make this interior design of the salon so that the client would like to come back here again. And not only for a new hairstyle, – admitted specialists of the Studio 57.


    Indeed, it has long been no secret that retail design today is an important part of every popular establishment. A competent approach to registration will help to increase the flow of customers without unnecessary advertising, as well as increase the motivation of employees to provide quality services. And, of course, it will help to bypass competitors and bring the institution to the top of the most popular in this field.

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