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Comfort in a modern style in the interior of the house in the village of Leskovka

Design project of a private house in the style of Contemporary. Use of natural materials. Restrained colors. The area of the space is 84 m2. 29 visualizations were performed.


Contemporary Interior Style PhotoLiving room. View 1.


In this project of a private house in the style of Contemporary, the designers of Studio 57 realized all the requests and dreams of the owners. “The key emphasis was on environmental and natural textures. We also tried to avoid bright color shades, since the owners of the house wanted to decorate it in a restrained color scheme. ” The interior design in the style of Contemporary has turned out to be consistent in one concept, corresponds to all fashion trends and is designed taking into account all the wishes of customers.


Interior design style Contemporary imageLiving room. View 2.


In order not to burden the space of the hallway, designers used functional furniture that does not take up much space and succinctly fits the interior style of the entire house. There are 2 large wardrobes made of natural wood. Also to save the scale of the room, the mirror is located on the door.


Style of interior Contemporary photo description

Hallway. View 1.

Contemporary style in the interior of the corridor image

Hallway. View 2.

Interior in Contemporary style photo

Hallway. View 3.


According to the wishes of the hosts, the living room was combined with the kitchen, but there is a division into 2 functional areas. This effect was achieved by the designer with the help of a high rack, filled with many living ornamental plants. The main room is made in reserved colors – the shades of white play the role of the background, the color accents are arranged in the form of greenery and wood in the decoration.


Contemporary luxury simplicity photo

Living room. View 3.

Contemporary style in the interior of the corridor photo

Corridor. View 1.

Contemporary style in the corridor interior

Corridor. View 2.

Contemporary style in the interior of the country house picture

Dining area.

Original interiors in the style of a contemporary image

Living room. View 4.


Customers wanted to see the synthesizer in the interior of their living room. The designer decided to add an unusual instrument that blends in well with the concept of style. Another interesting element is the bar counter, which helps visually separate the living room area from the dining area.


Synthesizer in Contemporary style in the living room picture

Living room. View 5.

Original interior in Contemporary style photoLiving room. View 6.


Designers did not limit their imagination when choosing lighting: the original installation of luminaires on the wall and ceiling emphasizes the concept of contemporary style in the living room. This idea of the designer has made the interior even more modern, which the owners of the house wanted.


Unusual backlighting in the style of Contemporary photoLiving room. View 7.

Living room in a modern style pictureLiving room. View 8.


The design of the kitchen in the style of Contemporary is made in green, which adds a touch of Eco style to the room. This effect is enhanced by the addition of decor and wood furniture. All appliances in the kitchen are built into the kitchen set, which helps to save the working space.


Kitchen interior design in green photoKitchen. View 1.

Kitchen in Contemporary style photoKitchen. View 2.


When designing the bathroom, the authors of the project were clearly inspired by the interiors in the Scandinavian style and the Eclectic style: its motifs are seen in the decoration of the walls with tiles with an unusual pattern, as well as in furniture and decor elements. Such a mixture of styles does not stand out from the general concept, since the principle of preserving the basic color palette is observed.


Original bathroom interior in Contemporary style photoBathroom. View 1.

Bathroom in a modern styleBathroom. View 2.

Bathroom Interior in Contemporary Style PictureBathroom. View 3.

Interior of a light bathroom in Contemporary style photoBathroom. View 4.

Bathroom interior design in Contemporary styleBathroom. View 5.

Contemporary bathroom in modern styleBathroom. View 6.


The color scheme of the bathroom is more extensive: here the shades of blue are used. The design of the bathroom in the style of Contemporary is filled with details made of wood and, as in the whole house, quiet colors are chosen.


Interior design of the toilet in the style of a contemporary imageBathroom. View 7.

Bathroom in style Contemporary pictureBathroom. View 8.

Contemporary style in bathroom design photoBathroom. View 9.

Contemporary style in photo designBathroom. View 10.


Customers wanted to see the interior design of the house in the style of Сontemporary, corresponding to the current fashionable and actual trends, but, at the same time, they indicated to create it pleasant for rest, quiet and cozy. We think that we have achieved the desired result, observing all modern principles when drawing up a design project.

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