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interior design


Design project of a modern three-room apartment in Minsk

The design project of a three-room apartment in Minsk, Pobediteley Avenue, is made in the style of Contemporary. Due to the allocation of a small living room space, there was space and a pantry was added to the apartment.


Hallway interior 16 m2



Wall in the hallway design

Visualization of the hallway. View 1.


    Upon entering the apartment, the person enters the longitudinal corridor that connects all parts of the apartment. The floor is made of light brown laminate, and the walls are painted in cream color. Thus, the corridor is not distracting from the concept of the interior, however, it preserves the individual look and functionality in the form of a convenient console, pouf and quite spacious cabinet for outerwear.


White corridor design

Visualization of the hallway. View 2.


     The design project of a three-room apartment is made mainly in light soft colors, which filled the whole apartment with warmth and coziness.



Living room design 19 m2



Contemporary style design

Visualization of the living room. View 1.


Fireplace in the apartment

Visualization of the living room. View 2.


Living room design in gray

Visualization of the living room. View 3.


    Like the whole apartment, the living room is made in light colors with the addition of gray and blue shades. On one side of the room you can see a closet with a built-in TV, as well as a biofire fireplace, which fits perfectly into the interior of the living room.

    On the other side of the room, a free niche was formed after the redevelopment, which the designers of Studio 57 decided to organize as a comfortable workplace.



Bedroom interior 14,5 m2



Beautiful bedroom interior

Visualization of the bedroom. View 1.


    First of all, the bedroom is distinguished by a pronounced blue accent in the form of a bed and unusual lamps. It is noted that the closet also serves as a wall and doorway. This solution saves space. All this already makes the room memorable and unique.



Contemporary style bedroom

Visualization of the bedroom. View 2.



Nursery interior 18 m2



Ikea furniture in the children's room

Visualization of the nursery. View 1.


Modern wall panel

Visualization of the nursery. View 2.


    In the nursery, as in the bedroom, blue is already present to a greater extent than in other rooms. Special attention is attracted by the large blue wall panel. The room is very well lit, and there is enough space for clothes and other children’s things.


Children in the style of Contemporary

Visualization of the nursery. View 3.


Kitchen  19 m2


Kitchen interior design

Visualization of the kitchen. View 1.


    Despite the small space allocated for cooking, the kitchen managed to combine a sufficient number of cabinets, save space for a refrigerator and arrange the composition organically.

    The main material is wood. The cabinets, doors, legs of the table and chairs are made of it. The place at the table is illuminated by an interesting lamp, resembling a berry branch.


Modern kitchen furniture

Visualization of the kitchen. View 2.


Bathrooms 3,5 m2 and 2 m2


Modern bathroom interior

Visualization of the bathroom


    The bathroom combines convenience, practicality, good light and modernity. This result was achieved by the placement of elegant furniture and the presence of neat tiles of the company “Tubadzin”. Also, due to the displacement of the wall in the bathroom, there is additional space for the closet.


Bathroom interior

Visualization of the toilet


Storeroom 2,6 м2


Visualization of the storeroom


    Thanks to the dismantling of one of the living room walls, next to the kitchen there is a space for building a pantry room, in which there is enough space for the necessary things.



Loggia 14 m2


Интерьер застекленного балкона

Visualization of the loggia


    The balcony in our three-room apartment is divided into two parts. Most of the balcony can be accessed through the kitchen, the smaller one you can enter through the bedroom. Although the balcony is fully enclosed, full glazing makes it very spacious.

    The windows are made in blue, continuing the color scheme of the interior, and in most parts there was a place for a bar where you can spend the morning over a cup of coffee.



    According to the results, the interior of a three-room apartment in Minsk with an area of 107 m2 was realized in a pleasant color scheme. It is rational to place the wardrobes using the maximum space, and also to build a pantry that will help even more to save space in the apartment.

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