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Functional and stylish design for an apartment on Dzerzhinsky Avenue

Interior design for an apartment on Dzerzhinsky Avenue in the style of Contemporary. 28 visualizations were performed. The shades of white and gray with blue accents prevail. The apartment has an area of 86 square meters


For the project of the apartment was chosen the style of Contemporary. There was offered a variant of interior design in light pastel colors. “During the work on the project, we had several options for what the design of the apartment would be. The last word, of course, was left for the customers”, – say the designers of Studio 57. The client stopped at the design in light, colder colors with blue as an accent.


Corridor design photo

Photo of the corridor in white shades


The designer decided not to make the door to the living room, so as not to restrict the space of the hallway. To separate the corridor and hall in the interior design different floor coverings were used.


Design of the living room with white lockers photo

Visualization of a part of the living room from the side of the sofa

Studio apartment pictures

Design project of studio apartment


The layout of the apartment is designed in such a way that the living room is connected to the kitchen. Due to the non-standard arrangement of the walls from certain angles you can get the impression that the living room is located separately from the kitchen area. The designer decorated the rooms in one style, so that it look harmoniously with each other.


Living room in Contemporary style photo

Photo of furniture in the style of Contemporary

Interior of modern living room photo

Photo of cabinets in the living room of the studio


Living room interior is designed with the principles of minimalism. A bright carpet on the floor is an active color accent, diluting the severity of the room. At the request of the owners of the apartment, the designers made a “musical corner” in the room, which was able to fit perfectly into the interior design. The room also has a working area.


How to make a room in a studio photo

Photo of studio apartment in Contemporary style

Decoration of a dining room photo

Photo of the table in the kitchen


The kitchen is decorated according to the most fashionable trends: natural materials, a combination of white and blue, a bit like eclectic. The use of two types of chairs for the dining area is an interesting design decision. The wooden table fits perfectly into the interior of modern kitchen in metallic shades.


Kitchen design and dining room picture

Photo of the kitchen in the studio apartment

Interior of a fashionable bedroom photo

Bedroom interior in light colors


The interior of the bedroom looks nice and soft. Colors are gentle, calm and absolutely not bright. An atmosphere of relaxation is created in the room due to a large number of textiles and soft tissues. The fuzzy outlines of the furniture create a feeling of lightness. In the corner there is a chair with a special lamp, so that in the evening the owners can read something with comfort.


Bedroom in Contemporary style picture

Bedroom with paintings on the wall

Bedroom cabinet design photo

Photo of a white wardrobe in the bedroom

Design of a modern bathroom site photo

Photo of the closet in the bathroom


An interesting solution was proposed for the design of a bathroom. Interior decoration looks expensive and luxurious due to a combination of dark wood and white tiles.


Contemporary style in photo design

Photo of the toilet with white tile

Contemporary style in bathroom design photo

Photo of the mirror cabinet

Bathroom decoration with shower photo

Furniture in a combined bathroom

Bathroom in Contemporary style

Cabinets in a dark wood in the toilet

Interior design of the toilet in the style of a contemporary image

White door at the toilet outlet

Toilet design with white rectangular tiles

Photo of toilet decoration

Clearance pantry photo

Picture of a pantry room


The apartment also has a pantry room of a small area, but it is not an obstacle for the owners to functionally place all the necessary items here.


How beautifully to arrange a pantry photo

Photo of a neat pantry

Gym in the apartment Photo

Photo of simulators in the apartment

Photo wallpapers in the form of comics photo

Comics in interior design photo


A good option for a busy city resident is the gym in the apartment. The area allows the owners to create a mini gym at home, so the designers took advantage of this opportunity. The decoration of the walls immediately strikes: Disney and Marvel comics fit perfectly into the design of the gym in the apartment. Designers of Studio 57 have created such an interior as a dynamic and non-standard solution. It looks bold and unique. You can create a gym in the apartment with your own hands, by putting one or two simulators in the work area to be able to work out without leaving your home.


Decoration of the gym in the apartment photo

Photo of wall design in the gym

Comics on the wall in the room photo

Gym in the apartment design

Design of the loggia in green shades

Interior of the loggia in green shades


A large balcony in the apartment allows you to create in it a cozy corner for a pleasant stay. The use of the partition in the interior design is interestingly complementing the decoration of the balcony. High chairs and a table will allow owners to sit over a cup of tea in the evening.


How can I make a balcony photo

Photo of balcony with chairs and table top


– Does anyone need to make a gym room in a modern apartment? Easily! – say the designers of Studio 57. And they do. Apartment in the style of Contemporary will look modern today, and after many years. Classic combinations of colors will allow owners to enjoy the beauty and comfortable atmosphere of their house.

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