Экспресс дизайн проект

interior design


Functional design project of an apartment in the “Pirs” Residential Complex

    Studio 57 has developed a design project for an apartment located in the urban-villa of the Pirs Residential Complex.


    For a new and modern home, a fresh and rational interior has been designed, it can be successfully implemented on a living area of 152 m2.


Hallway interior 10 m2


The image of the hallway in dark colors

Visualization of the hallway. View 1.


Hallway with slats

Visualization of the hallway. View 2.


    The entrance hall in the particular apartment is quite spacious, but despite this, the space is not cluttered with unnecessary objects. All that is located in the hallway is a built-in wardrobe for outerwear and shoes, as well as a console.


Living room design 29,5 m2


Interior design living room 30 square meters

Visualization of the living room. View 1.


    According to the plan of the apartment, the living room connects the hallway with kitchen. The border of the room conditionally creates a partition of wooden slats, which can rotate 90 degrees. If desired, you can adjust the feeling of spaciousness of the room. Right behind the slats there is a corner sofa of light gray color, which is perfectly complemented by a carpet of the same color.


Design project living room with slats

Visualization of the living room. View 2.


    Thus, you can accommodate guests in the living room and, at the same time, freely pass into the kitchen or cabinet.


Kitchen 24 m2


Spacious modern kitchen

Visualization of the kitchen. View 1.


    The basis for the kitchen was black, which, in combination with a light floor, worktop and lamps, makes the interior very neat and sophisticated. One of the walls is lined with vertical decorative pipes. Such dynamics are repeated by hanging lamps and a dining table, the frame of which also contains vertical metal elements.


Luxurious dining areaVisualization of the kitchen. View 2.


Cabinet interior design 12 m2


Picture of a comfortable cabinet

Visualization of the cabinet. View 1.


    Since the area of the room is relatively small, it contains only the most necessary furniture that will be useful: a neat desk, storage for books and documents.


Bright and stylish sofa in the officeVisualization of the cabinet. View 2.


    The highlight is the orange sofa, manufactured to order by AUPI. Without such a sofa, a room could lose some of its uniqueness, but with it the composition looks complete.


Stylish sofa in the cadinet interior designVisualization of the cabinet. View 3.


Bedroom interior 28 m2


    The bedroom area on the contrary allows to arrange furniture and decorative elements, while the room will still remain a lot of free space. As in the living room, the ultramarine blue is the accent color. It creates an excellent combination with silver color, and is great for decorating home rooms and offices.


Contemporary style bedroom

Visualization of the bedroom. View 1.


    The space of the room expands even more due to a large mirror hanging above the ladies’ table and a diamond-shaped mosaic adorning one of the walls.


Bedroom decoration 28 sq. m.

Visualization of the bedroom. View 2.


Armchairs with windows to the floor

Visualization of the bedroom. View 3.


    Thanks to the use of neutral colors, an atmosphere of peace and tranquility is created in the bedroom. However, such tones do not make the room gray and faceless, as the plants almost always visually refresh the space. Do not forget about the aforementioned emphasis on blue.


Prefab dressing tableVisualization of the bedroom. View 4.


Interior of children’s rooms 15 m2 each one


Photo of the bright children's room

Visualization of a children’s room for a girl. View 1.


    The first thing that catches the eye in the first child’s room for a girl is soft, delicate and very airy colors. White furniture and tools, light floor, cream walls, gray and maroon nap carpet – all this creates a relaxed atmosphere in which the child can feel calm and confident.


Room design for a little girl

Visualization of a children’s room for a girl. View 2.


Modern interior of the room for a teenager

Visualization of a children’s room for a boy. View 1.


    The second nursery is noticeably different in mood from the first. It is dominated by dark gray and black colors. So the room looks restrained, strictly and stylishly. An elegant coffee table and a ring lamp deserve special attention, which very well emphasize the interior of the children’s room.


Room for a teenager in gray tonesVisualization of a children’s room for a boy. View 2.


Wardrobe design 6 m2


Dressing room design with light

Visualization of the wardrobe


    In the dressing room, there are many shelves for clothes, bags, suitcases and enough space for hangers. Many shelves have a backlight. The area of the room allowed to hang a mirror on the wall, so you can not only take clothes, but also dress in it.


Bathrooms interior 6,6 m2 and 4 m2


Dark shades in the interior of the bathroom

Visualization of the bathroom. View 1.


Shower cabin with dark wood

Visualization of the bathroom. View 2.


    Like children’s rooms, bathrooms differ in mood, although they have common stylistic features. The largest of them – strict and seasoned, is made of graphite marble color. The smaller bathroom is also made of marble, but of pearl color. And, despite the different sizes of the rooms, everything necessary fit well in them.


Bathroom interior photo

Visualization of the bathroom. View 3.


Design project of the bathroom with toilet

Visualization of the bathroom. View 4.


Utility room in the house

Visualization of the storeroom


    The design of the apartment in the residential complex “Pirs” was designed in the style of Contemporary style. Mostly white, silver colors predominate, but black also plays an important role. In addition, the interior is complemented by high-quality laminate and wooden furniture, which do not attract too much attention.

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