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Gentle and modern: interior design for a studio apartment on Dzerzhinsky Avenue

Modern interior design for a studio apartment. The combination of blue and beige in the interior. Light design of the apartment. Office on the balcony. 14 visualizations. The harmony of gentle and modern in interior design.



    Modern style is not only new technologies, functionality and minimalism in the interior. It can be strict and concise, gentle and romantic. It is only important to choose the right color scheme, and also to place accents on what you want to get in the end.

    The combination of blue and yellow is considered fashionable, but it always looked and looks stylish, regardless of the trends. You can bring an atmosphere of lightness and freshness to your home thanks to this color combination, as well as adding a couple of decorative elements that will complement the overall picture of the interior.



Kitchen design for a one-room apartment

Visualization of the litchen. View 1.



How to combine blue and yellow in the interior

Visualization of the living room. View 1.



    The apartment has a living room combined with a kitchen, but the layout is such that the rooms are visually separated. Designers of Studio 57 created here a kitchen, dining and guest area, divided them with different floor coverings and furniture of different shapes and sizes. Which option to choose, whether to combine the kitchen with the living room, always choose the client, read our article about it and make the right decision.



How to equip a small one-bedroom apartment

Visualization of the living room. View 2.



The design of a very small living room

Visualization of the living room. View 3.



    The room is equipped functionally, shelves for storage are placed on the walls. Since the apartment is small and it is not necessary for various objects to “hide” the space, many lockers will help to hide your belongings.



Design a narrow kitchen in a small apartment

Visualization of the kitchen. View 2.



    What distinguishes a modern interior from a classic one is the use of unusual elements of decoration, lamps, decor, etc. Many items can be completely different in style with the main furniture of the room, but at the same time harmoniously fit into the overall picture, enlivening the interior. Also, bright color accents will help you to “modernize” your home, but at the same time choose neutral shades for the base – blue, gray, beige, white, etc.



Modern decor for the apartment photo

Visualization of the living room. View 4.



Design kitchen combined with living room

Visualization of the kitchen. View 3.



    An apartment of 40 square meters can accommodate more than it might seem at first glance, it is important to correctly use all the possibilities to save space. For example, to make a cozy office on the balcony, which allows to work and relax there comfortably.



Balcony combined with a room

Visualization of the loggia



    The interior of the bedroom looks expensive and incredibly stylish – in such a room you can enjoy your rest to the fullest. The combination of light beige and blue colors allows you to calm down, soft chairs serve as a place to relax. In the niches in the walls you can put not only flowers, but also your useful things. Unusual lamps look sophisticated and do not attract much attention, but they significantly complement the overall picture.



The combination of bright colors in the bedroom

Visualization of the bedroom. View 1.



Bedroom design with space for library

Visualization of the bedroom. View 2.



Bed in the bedroom with light

Visualization of the bedroom. View 3.



    In modern apartments there is often a little space for a dressing room, because storing things in cabinets is uncomfortable. Huge furniture also overloads the space, which is not at all suitable for the interior of small apartments. A wardrobe can also be styled stylishly so that it inspires you for new looks.



Stylish dressing room in the apartment photo

Visualization of the wardrobe



    “We ordered the wardrobe on the website Jackwood.by. We often cooperate with Belarusian designer shops, and this one is on the list, – the project designer shared. – If you want the project to be executed qualitatively and uniquely, then we advise you to scroll through their catalogs. Even if you do not order anything, you will certainly be inspired by their ideas”.

    Modernity is not necessarily stormy colors, strange new forms, an abundance of technology. She can give a feeling of warmth, romance and freshness, while remaining modernity. It is important to take into account all the nuances of this style, then you get an apartment with the design of your dreams.

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