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interior design


Kitchen and living room design in Contemporary style, Smorgon

Interior design of the living room combined with the kitchen. Design project made in сontemporary style using modern trends. The area of the room is 52 square meters. Several design plans and 6 visualizations were made.


Kitchen living room in Contemporary style photo

Visualization of the living room and kitchen. View 1.


We created a kitchen and living room interior design for Alexei and Ekaterina from Smorgon in contemporary style. The idea of ​​design is the link of the eco-style with modern decor elements, which gives the room an atmosphere of home comfort and “warmth”. Natural materials were in priority in combination with modern hi-tech style.


Due to the lack of partitions in the interior, the room is always well lit: a lot of daylight penetrates through the panoramic windows, in the evening the room is highlighted locally. This also allows to expand the functional areas.


Integrity in the design of the kitchen and living room is achieved through the same floor and wall coverings. The kitchen is separated from the living room by a large dining table, defining the dining area. Designers used a multi-level ceiling.


Lighting plays an important role. The room is illuminated by large windows during the day, due to artificial light in the dark. Lamps of different types were used to visually divide the room space.


Image of kitchen in eco-style

Visualization of the living room and kitchen. View 2.


An extensive color scheme is usually not used in сontemporary design. White tones are the basis, the color pattern is complemented by shades of brown and green. A complete picture is created by details from natural wood, soft fabrics as furniture upholstery, decor elements and living plants.


Living Room Design picture

Visualization of the living room and kitchen. View 3.


In the creation of the interior, designers followed the principles of the contemporary style – minimalism and functionality. The furniture is made of durable materials, but the cost is not expensive. Also, furniture can be transformed, so it does not take up much space.


Design of the living room in light colors photo

Visualization of the living room and kitchen. View 4.


The living room area is arranged with maximum comfort for the hosts. A large corner sofa allows to accommodate a large company, there is a TV on the opposite wall. The design in the eco-style is well complemented by a bookshelf, a coffee table and plants.


Scandinavian living room interior design image

Visualization of the living room and kitchen. View 5.


In the kitchen area a wide range of colors is used – green and brown predominate. Built-in kitchen headset allows to organize space with maximum convenience. “Bamboo” legs of chairs, lots of greenery and natural wood dilute the severity of clear and even lines of furniture.


Kitchen in olive color photo

Visualization of the living room and kitchen. View 6.


Thanks to the design of Studio 57, the interior in contemporary style looks cozy and has an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Maximum air, light and free space are the main design principles in this project.

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