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Modern interior for apartment recreation areas in the Tchaikovsky Residential Complex


Functional modern interior in the principles of minimalism. 30 visualizations. Gray combined with blue. Decor in the form of unusual lighting.


Today it is very difficult to create an absolutely unique interior, since most of the original ideas have already been used by designers. “Our task was to rely on originality, and not to create something completely new. We used unusual lamps that can be rarely found in apartments, but this is not new for interior design” – Studio 57 specialists shared. The lighting is made in such a way that it fits perfectly into the whole interior of the rooms, without standing out as something catchy or superfluous.




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Visualizations of the hallway


The hallway is made in neutral shades: light beige, gray and white. But due to color accents in the form of a bright pouf and a painting, the room comes to life, attracting attention to the accuracy of the design project.


Living room combined with the kitchen


Photo of modern living room design

Visualization of the living room. View 1.

Photos of the living room interior seating area

Visualization of the living room. View 2.

Photos of the interior of a modern living room

Visualization of the living room and kitchen

Photos of unusual lamps in the interior

Visualization of the kitchen. View 1.


In the interior of the living room there is a geometric design of furniture fittings: all surfaces, lamps and a sofa have symmetrical silhouettes. The predominance of light shades creates a feeling of purity, without attracting attention with various bright accents. White cabinets merge with the walls, this visually increases the space.


Bar counter next to the sofa

Visualizatuon of the living room

Kitchen with chandelier above the table
Visualization of the kitchen. View 2.


Unusual chandelier hanging in the kitchen, it is rarely found in the interior of the apartments. However, designers could afford to use such lighting here, because it does not look superfluous among the rather calm and austere room design.


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Visualizations of the bathroom


A warm and comfortable atmosphere is created in the bathroom and in the toilet. Thanks to the play of light and shadows, which is created by thoughtful lighting, the room looks soft and warm. A soft mat and unusual tiles enhance these sensations.


Loggia design with blinds

Visualization of the loggia. View 1.

Narrow loggia with windows to the floor

Visualization of the loggia. View 2.


The interior for the recreation area in the apartment was thought out to the smallest detail. Designers have tried to create a favorable atmosphere for relaxation in the loggia. In this case, the room also provides for drying clothes: special ropes on the ceiling not only complement the interior, but also serve as a practical fixture for the house.



Straight lines in the interior of the bedroom

Visualization of the bedroom. View 1.

Pendant lights above the bed

Visualization of the bedroom. View 2.

Wardrobe for a small bedroom. Photos

Visualization of the bedroom. View 3.


The play of light is also represented in the bedroom. Lamps located at different heights beautifully decorate the interior of a modern room. White closet-wall allows you to store all things, while maintaining order in the room.

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Visualizations of the bedroom


The mirror surface of the cabinet not only creates an unusual effect, but also helps to visually enlarge the room. Also luminaires-ribbons, starting on the ceiling and moving farther on the wall, create the feeling that you are in a translucent high-tech space. The predominance of graphic silhouettes in the bedroom does not make it coarse, so modern style is often used for interior design of rooms for rest.


“The presence of a cozy recreation area in a modern apartment is the best solution for organizing space”, – the designers are sure. – “It is not Create a fashionable interior is not difficult, it is difficult to make it comfortable for the owner. But we think we succeeded.


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