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Modern interior for two apartments in one in the residential complex “Mayak of Minsk”

Interior design for two apartments combined into one. 36 visualizations. How to combine two apartments into one. Modern and glamorous design style for a large apartment. Apartment design, fashionable in 2018. Unified design for two apartments.


    In modern houses you can hardly find an apartment of more than 100 square meters, so the design often uses the method of combining two apartments into one. This type of layout brings many advantages: a large space for living rooms, several bathrooms and two kitchens – ideal for large families living together. Creating an interior design for such an apartment is unique because it is necessary to come up with a different design for two kitchens, bedrooms, etc. It is also important to observe harmony and adhere to one style.


“Our clients asked us to make the apartments different in color, but to issue them in the same style, – the designer of Studio 57 told us. – If you are faced with the task of making repairs in a joint apartment, then it would be best to choose one design style and then improvise within it.”




Design example of two united apartments

Visualization of the second hallway. View 1.


    The combination of wood and neutral colors: gray, pink, black, beige is a fashion trend this year. In the framework of the modern style, the use of bright accents is not as common as the contrast of natural elements with simple monochromatic elements that look stylish and expressive in the overall picture. Mirror surfaces and lamps at different levels add dynamism to the interior.


    For the best combination of two apartments it is necessary to dismantle the walls. In this case, you really connect the two apartments and allow to move freely from one to another.


Mirror pendant lights in the hallway

Visualization of the first hallway. View 1.





Wide countertop in the bathroom

Visualization of the second bathroom. View 1.

Second bathroom in beige

Visualization of the first bathroom. View 1.


    The design of the bathrooms is made in the same style: minimalism combined with glamorous and elegant elements. This design looks modern and stylish. But the color scheme is different: in one bathroom the main colors are pink and white, in the other – black in combination with light wood and white tiles. The lack of bright accents and bulky furniture gives the rooms refinement and expressive lightness, which looks expensive and attractive. The element in the form of flowers in the bathroom in combination with the tree resembles the theme of eco style – a popular trend in 2018.


How to make a beautiful shower cabin

Visualization of the second bathroom. View 2.

How beautiful to arrange a bath with shower

Visualization of the second bathroom. View 3.


Living room and kitchen



Glamorous interior design of the apartment

Visualization of the second living room. View 1.

How to combine two apartments into one

Visualization of the second living room. View 2.


    Living rooms are made in the same style, but look like two opposites: the first room is romantic and delicate in mostly light pink and beige tones, the second is brutal and austere, led by black and wood. But at the same time the rooms make up an integral composition, which is very important to observe in the interior of the apartment.


Photo design of the project with the combination of apartments

Visualization of the second living room. View 3.


    Using an electric fireplace looks very modern, but also adds comfort to the atmosphere. On cold evenings, a family can gather in such a room to spend time together.


Modern decor for the apartment photo

Visualization of the second living room. View 4.


    The living rooms are combined with a kitchen, from which the main room is separated by a partition. If you want to delimit the space, but do not build a new wall, then the partitions are ideal for this.


How beautiful and stylish to decorate the living room

Visualization of the second living room. View 5.


    Marble pattern on surfaces is considered very fashionable this season, so it can often be found in the design of clothing and interiors. Due to this pattern on light-colored furniture, you can get an interesting combination of textures, as well as a stylish element in your room. It does not look cold or rough, but fresh, gentle and quite comfortable.


Fashionable white kitchen design

Visualization of the second cuisine. View 1.

Glamorous flat design styleVisualization of the first living room. View 1.

What color to combine light pink in the interiorVisualization of the first living room. View 2.

What is the color to combine whiteVisualization of the first kitchen. View 1.


    In the modern kitchen you can often find a bar counter: it serves as a replacement for the dining table, which saves space in the room, as well as a fashionable element that many will find bold and original. Black chairs on the background of light finish create a contrast of colors, which is necessary for the balance of the interior.


Living room in pink tones photo

Visualization of the first living room. View 3.


    The tenderness and romance of the interior of the second living room can appeal to many guests and hosts. The almost complete absence of dark colors does not make the room dull or pale. The designer used a lot of materials and textures that give dynamism and enliven the room. The room turned out very bright and light, so the owners will long enjoy its charm and comfort.


Glamor living room photoVisualization of the first living room. View 4.


Partitions in the interior photoVisualization of the first kitchen. View 2.





Delicate bedroom 2018 photo

Visualization of the first bedroom. View 1.


    Small bedrooms require functional use of space: numerous shelves, tables, and lockers will allow you to store a lot of things without taking up space.


Stylish bedroom interior 2018 photos

Visualization of the second bedroom. View 1.


    Decorative elements in the form of flowers, wooden beams and paintings add comfort and completeness. The interior looks very original because of the little things that the designer chose very carefully. Each lamp or statuette is placed so that the overall picture attracts attention and surprises.

    The colors of the two rooms are similar to those used in the rest of the apartment: black and green shades in one bedroom, pale pink and white in the other.


    Making a loggia in a panel house is no different from creating an interior for a small rest room in any other place: you just need to make a small finish, add a few plants, paintings – and a cozy corner is ready. You can also put here a small table or chair to drink coffee or read a book.


    “Some designers are able to beautifully describe their capabilities, gesticulating a lot and are able to engage customers in their words. But our goal is not to speak, but to do! Therefore, I prepared a series of local solutions so that the customer first knew what to expect”, – the designer said.


    Despite the fact that the area of the apartment is huge (about 140 square meters), the repair was dictated by a number of small key decisions. The designer discussed adding a fireplace in the form of a partition with the owners, as well as the use of a bar counter, the dismantling of walls and other aspects, without which the interior of the apartment would not have turned out completed.

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