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Modern interior in delicate colors for an apartment on Shchors Street

Interior design for a three-room apartment of 60.3 square meters. Delicate shades. Natural wood trim. Nursery design for a girl. 30 visualizations were performed. Unusual layout for a modern apartment.



      Fashion in interior design is constantly changing: almost every season, trends in colors or finishing materials change. However, the combination of white and black, as well as natural wood in the design – timeless classics, which will never look stupid or tasteless. “For a small three-room apartment, we chose a combination of dark wood with white trim. Customers wanted to see a classic design in their home, without trendy bright accents or too original elements”, – explained the designers of Studio 57.


Hallway 6,7 sq. m.



What kind of lighting in the hallway

Visualization of the hallway. View 1.


     The originality of the interior lies in the fact that, thanks to clear geometric silhouettes and room zoning, the designers visually divided the room and created new silhouettes.


    The lighting of the room is made with the help of round lamps in large numbers, they are arranged in straight lines in two rows. Such an arrangement of lamps allows to illuminate the room well, while it does not catch the eye and looks very neat due to a clear row.


Wooden floor in the apartment photo

Visualization of the living room. View 1.



Kitchen 6,5 sq. m.



Dining area in a small apartment

Visualization of the dining area. View 1.



Living room 10 sq. m.



How to design a very small apartment

Visualization of the dining area. View 2.



    The kitchen is divided into two zones: a dining room and a work area. The dining area serves as a guide to a small, cozy living room. An unusual chandelier immediately attracts the eye, standing out against the background of fairly standard furniture elements. The light furniture in the dining room blends beautifully with the dark material of the floor, and there were used tiles in the kitchen to match the materials of the work surfaces. In order to properly combine the two rooms, the designers selected the right colors and textures to match. It turns out a game of contrasts that looks stylish and concise. But it is not always possible to combine the kitchen and living room. To help you decide whether to combine living room and kitchen, read our article.



Photo of white kitchen with dark wood

Visualization of the dining area. View 3.



Cupboards without handles in the kitchen

Visualization of the kitchen


Bathroom 3,6 sq. m.



Black and white bathroom interior design photo

Visualization of the bathroom. View 1.



    The bathroom looks very modern and fashionable, as the combination of modern technology with white tiles is now in trend. At the same time, if you make a similar interior at home, such a room will remain stylish for a long time. Functional use of space allowed to place lockers for storage here, as well as for a washing machine.



Washer and dryer in the bathroom

Visualization of the bathroom. View 2.



An example of a bathroom with appliances

Visualization of the bathroom. View 3.



Toilet 1,2 sq. m.


Separate toilet

Visualization of the toilet



Bedroom 10,1 sq. m.



What color can combine blue in the interior

Visualization of the bedroom. View 1.



3D wallpaper in the bedroom

Visualization of the bedroom. View 2.



Photo wallpaper in the bedroom

Visualization of the bedroom. View 3.



    Photo wallpaper in an interior can be not only with the image of a landscape or flowers, but also with 3D patterns as used in this bedroom. The combination of blue with wood and white resembles a maritime theme, but in interior design it looks appropriate and beautiful.



Photo of the bedroom with access to the dressing room

Visualization of the bedroom. View 4.


Wardrobe 3,8 sq. m.



Interior wooden wardrobe

Visualization of the wardrobe



Photo of the female corner in the bedroom

Visualization of the bedroom. View 5.



    In the design project of a three-room apartment, parents gave the task to take the largest room for their daughter.


Nursery 15 sq. m.



Wallpaper with clouds in the nursery

Visualization of the nursery. View 1.



Spacious children's room for girls

Visualization of the nursery. View 2.



Beautiful baby room in pink color

Visualization of the nursery. View 3.


    The children’s room for the girl looks cute and fantastic. Every child should have a place in the house where they can be alone with themselves. Parents should make sure that the corner or room of the child improves its development. It is very important to take into account all five senses in order to create a harmonious interior, because everything that surrounds a child: lines, shapes, sounds, colors, smells, textures, images and symbols influence their personality. It also helps to change and “tune” their emotional background.


    Very useful if the furniture in the room can be easily moved and reorganized. Permutation is an inexpensive way to refresh a tired room and have a positive effect on visual perception.


    Zoning is an important factor in space planning. This is especially important for a children’s room, where, as a rule, a working (training) area, a recreation area, an entertainment area and a personal (inaccessible for adults) space are combined. Such zoning helps the child to concentrate and keep their thoughts in order.



Decor items in the nursery

Visualization of the nursery. View 4.



Children's corner in the apartment photo

Visualization of the nursery. View 5.



Balcony 2,9 sq. m.



Interior design of a balcony photo

Visualization of the loggia


    Now you can make out a loggia, so that it would be comfortable not only to relax or dry clothes, but also to be present. The combination of dark wood, greenery and white trim for the balcony is ideal in any apartment interior.


    Do not think that the classic combinations in the interior look old-fashioned or uncomfortable – if you competently create an interior design in this style, your apartment will be transformed into a unique and stylish, and most importantly, comfortable for you and your family.


    The design of a three-room apartment was carried out in a fairly tight timeframe, but during this time the designers have perfectly designed the functionality of each room. Therefore, each room looks complete, in each room “there is where to turn” and each perfectly performs its function.

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