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Art Deco Interior Design Style

Luxurious Art Deco


Visualization of the Kitchen. View 1.


Style evolved in the wake of the era of “roaring 20’s”. People were sick of the military trials, they craved peace and tranquility. It was necessary to somehow change this situation. The intelligentsia had to survive in poverty, at the same time they wanted to live as luxuriously as before the War. The elite acquired everything expensive, elegant and majestic. Therefore, the style of Art Deco in the interior can often be seen in the status institutions and apartments of the rich.


Expensive and rich


The highest law of art deco is maximalism. If you want to equip an apartment in this style, then prepare for the fact that you do not have to save. Registration of real animal skins, natural materials, precious metals requires large financial investments. Studio 57 professionals will help you to masterfully design the Art Deco design and distribute the funds without excessive costs.


Art Deco style dining areaVisualization of the Kitchen. View 2.


The Epoch of the “Great Gatsby”


The interior of a room or apartment in the style of Art Deco can carry you to a hundred years ago, in the days of girls with boa and men in dress coats and hats-bowlers. Its clear example is the mansion of the famous rich man Jay Gatsby from the films about him. Large-scale parties in his possessions were and are the standard of luxurious life and fabulous wealth. Spiral staircases, high ceilings, a lot of patterns and shapes will bring the look of your house to it. You should definitely look at Art Deco, if you are an extraordinary person who likes freedom of creativity and destroys standards.


Visualization of the Kitchen. View 3.


Playing on contrasts


Art Deco is laconic and strict in terms of color – it does not accept pastel, diluted tones, everything should be clear and graphic. Color combinations are based on a mixture of contrasts – black and white. Mirror surfaces are often used to create the effect of a multi-space. The rooms are decorated with golden and burgundy shades, which allows it to look expensive and cost-effective.


Features of the Art Deco style in the interior:


• Geometric forms, stripes, patterns, animal prints in the design;
• High windows and ceilings;
• Only expensive and natural materials;
• Light sources of original silhouettes;
• The fundamental rule is maximalism;
• High cost of decoration and accessories.


Interior design of the living room in the Art Deco styleVisualization of the living room. View 1.


Aristocratism in our time


Many people may think that the fashionable Art Deco style is unacceptable in the apartment and is intended only for luxury establishments. But this is not as it is, because various interpretations of this style are invented now, which is suitable for any home. Unconventional and unusual design solutions will allow you to feel like a descendant of a high society.


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