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Country Interior Design Style

Interior design in the style of “Country” – the opportunity to connect with nature.


“Country Chic”


Visualization of the kitchen. View 1.

Kitchen interior design in country styleVisualization of the kitchen. View 2.


This style is not difficult to determine – a room in this style looks like a house in the village. It reflects the originality and laconism of life in the outback. Its basis is convenience, simplicity and comfort. In different cultures, the style has its own special features. For example, American country often uses cowboy attributes, in European countries there are dishes made of clay. But at the heart of all of them is the emphasis on creating a warm home atmosphere.


Country identity


Country is not like many modern styles. It is alien to the brevity and severity of the modern style, pretentiousness and elegance of the classic style. Its idea is reliability and comfort. In the interior in the country style there are only natural materials or its imitations. The color scheme is based on natural shades: green, brown, white, beige, terracotta.


Visualization of the nursery. View 1.

Visualization of the nursery. View 2.

Visualization of the nursery. View 3.


Nobility of antiquity


Furniture in this style is massive, made “in the old days”. Often furniture for such an interior is purchased in antique markets. This gives to the dwelling the country-style atmosphere of an old house. Accents are made on details. Elements taken from modern art, here will be inappropriate. Decor elements, like furniture, are often made “in the old days,” and objects made by hands are also used.


Visualization of the hallway. View 1.

Visualization of the hallway. View 2.


The main characteristics of the interior design style of “Country”:


  • Tree. Practically everything is made up of wood: walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, doors and frames.
  • Coarse, artificially aged surfaces;
  • Complete absence of gloss;
  • The abundance of textiles harmonizing in a single color palette (usually a strip or peas);
  • Required presence of a fireplace (ideally natural);
  • Horns and heads of animals on the walls, natural skins on the floors and hunting patterns;


All these elements are an integral part of the interior design style of “Country”.


Visualization of the living room. View 1.

Visualization of the living room. View 2.


Here reigns the original spirit of courageous.


This style will appeal not only to fans of hunting and fishing, but also to men who have a strong character.


Style “Country” is often used for finishing country houses, baths and estates. It gives the opportunity to connect with nature and feel the primitive instincts of the hunter and the getter.


Visualization of the bathroom. View 1.

Visualization of the bathroom. View 2.


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