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Fusion Interior Design Style


Go beyond with the Fusion style


If you are tired of excessive severity of minimalism or think the classic style is too artsy, then you definitely will like the interior in the style of Fusion. This is usually the choice of creative people who love all the extraordinary and original. Take a closer look at it, if you like to push the frames and do not be afraid to experiment.


Interior of the living room in fusion style photoVisualization of the living room. View 1.


Opposites attract


You can hear that this style combines things, which usually does not combine, but it’s not true. If you are given something that frightens and shocks as an interior design in the style of Fusion, then, most likely, it’s not Fusion. This style implies the presence of harmony and aesthetics. By building a room in this style, you mentally go through the exam for a sense of proportion and taste. If you are not afraid of this test, then this is definitely yours.


Image of a fusion style designVisualization of the kitchen. View 1.

Kitchen in fusion style imageVisualization of the kitchen. View 2.


Do not be afraid to create


You can combine African motifs with hi-tech innovations, baroque curtains with a wooden ceiling taken from the Country. The main thing is not to overdo it. If you are not sure that you will be able to translate all your ideas into life, then the masters of Studio 57 will help you to do it professionally.


Child's design in white color photoVisualization of the children’s room. View 1.

Children's room in the style of fusion pictureVisualization of the children’s room. View 2.

Children's room in modern style imageVisualization of the children’s room. View 3.

Bunk bed in a children's room photoVisualization of the children’s room. View 4.


One whole


If you want to design an interior according to all the canons of the style of Fusion, then you should choose a single concept. Often you can find things related to other style, but if you feel that they are great for the embodiment of your idea, then safely use them. We can say that you should choose not the details for the style, as it usually happens, but the style for the details, which is Fusion.


The main features of the Fusion style in the interior:


– Having a large free space
– Variety of design styles
– Combinations of different textures and materials (cheap with expensive, natural with artificial)
– Using spot lighting
– Subordination of the basic concept
– Many patterns, prints, accessories
– Unusual geometry in furniture, windows, ceiling
– Bright, catchy colors combined with pastel colors


Bathroom design in fusion styleVisualization of the bathroom. View 1.

Bathroom interior in fusion styleVisualization of the bathroom. View 2.

Design of the toilet in the style of fusionVisualization of a shower room and a bathroom. View 1.

Shower room in a modern style photoVisualization of a shower room and a bathroom. View 2.

Fusion and Eclecticism: what’s the difference?


Speaking about the mixture of styles, we usually immediately mention the style of Eclecticism. But the style of Fusion is also based on this. How to distinguish these two similar styles? Interior in the style of Fusion has no borders and boundaries, it uses elements from a variety of styles, the most important thing is that they fit into the basic concept of the interior. An Eclectic, in turn, allows a combination of 2-3 styles, similar to each other. They both create a space for creativity, but fusion is still more “liberated” and unordinary.


Living room in a modern style picture

Visualization of the living room. View 2.


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