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Hi-tech Interior Design Style


“Hi-tech” style, the future or the present?


Visualization of home theater. View 1.

Visualization of home theater. View 2.


The interior in Hi-tech will never be obsolete, it strides in one foot with our society. This is a style for those who are not afraid of change and do not fend off the pace of the generation of our century. If you are young and ambitious, then be sure to pay attention to it.


Combinations of glass and metal, wood and stone are favorite combinations of Hi-tech style.
Cabinets are completely replaced by comfortable, stylish ultramodern shelves and racks.
Furniture sometimes surprises with its multifunctionality and minimalism.


Audacity and extravagance.


This style is especially popular among authoritative male bachelors. It conveys their strength of character, modernity and leadership thinking. People also like to use Hi-tech for arranging offices and business centers, as it is able to create a working atmosphere and to give it a certain status.


Visualization of the cabinet. View 1.

Visualization of the cabinet. View 2.


Features of design of a house or apartment in the style of “Hi-tech”:


Minimalism (minimum jewelry, maximum free space);
– Convenience (functional fittings and advanced technologies);
– A lot of light;
– Combination of glass, metal and plastic surfaces;
– Attracting attention to silhouettes, not to coloring;
– Nanotechnics and electronics.


Visualization of the cabinet. View 3.

Visualization of the cabinet. View 4.


Young people choose High-tech style


Thanks to innovative design solutions and daring methods of using materials in the interior, this style is fondly loved by representatives of the “generation Z”.
Images of such interiors often resemble computer graphics at the expense of graphical figures and silhouettes. If these visualizations arouse your interest, then you are probably a person who does not lag behind progress.


Harmony of technology and coziness


The design of an apartment or a house in the style of Hi-tech makes the interior “cool”, gives it a very strict look. To avoid this, designers resort to a variety of combinations of styles: add details from natural materials, living plants, original installations. Also, a palette of more relaxed shades is sometimes used: warm brown or green.


Technophobia is not a verdict


For many people, Hi-tech can be alien, as the interiors in this style often look “cold” and too strict. Many people have a stereotype that it is suitable only for the office. But this is far from the case, and you can see this by looking at the works of professionals of Studio 57.


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