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Modern Interior Design Style


What is the modern style of interior design?


Studio apartment in a modern style photoStudio apartment. View 1.


Straight, natural lines, specific shapes, minimum accessories and decor. This is very different from the established opinion about the cozy and comfortable. “Modern” style corresponds to our dynamic, fast-changing rhythm of life.


What is the basis of modern style of interior?


Free space, smooth surfaces, neutral patterns (they are almost not used), a minimum of various accessories and lack of coziness and “warmth”.


A special emphasis on shapes and lines, absolutely no chaos and asymmetry, every detail is significant and is in the center of attention. Spacious rooms, saturated with light and air. There is no place for ornate decorations and complex designs.


Modern style apartment photosStudio apartment. View 2.


Simplicity of shapes and colors is the basis of perfectionism.


The shades of white, black, gray and beige are the main palette of this style. Modern style is a paradise for a perfectionist, because you will not find any inaccuracies and inconsistencies there. All the details perfectly complement each other, each subject has its own specific place.


Interior design studio apartment in modern style photoStudio apartment. View 3.


Modern style “burns carpets”?


Due to the addiction of modern style to hard and smooth surfaces, any carpets and soft floor coverings are discarded. But this does not mean that you can not depart from this rule, there are always exceptions, try a strict mat with clear and strict edges.


The era of technology


Modern people do not want to spend much time on household chores, so they equip their home with this in mind. The interior in the modern style just assumes the presence of a large number of newfangled multifunctional equipment.


Interior of the studio in a modern styleStudio apartment. View 4.


Add brilliance!


Another important feature is the sparkling materials. Chrome or steel, lacquered to shine surfaces, glass, shiny plastic or tiles – an integral part of modern style. Do not forget to combine all these details with matt surfaces.


Design studio apartments in a modern styleStudio apartment. View 5.


The ideal of modern furniture styles.


It is the basis of the design of furniture, which is actual now: the simple device with the minimum quantity of elements, equal lines and a monotonous color scale. Such furniture may not always be convenient, but it always looks delicious.


Studio in modern styleStudio apartment. View 6.


Conditions for creativity!


This style is certainly suitable for fans of modern art, as it serves as a reference background for painting and bizarre decorations. In the interior of this style, flawlessly look unusual installations, paintings of fashionable artists.


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