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Pop Art Interior Design Style

Pop Art interior design style, daring 60’s or bad taste?


Living room in the style of Pop Art

Visualization of the living room. View 1.

Living room in bright colors visualization

Visualization of the living room. View 2.


Similar disputes took place in the middle of the 20th century. Young people considered this style to be steep, art lovers – vulgar, and businessmen, while everyone was argu , used it in advertising and earned good money. What was the subject of controversy and disagreement became a fashionable product, of which everyone was talking.


Later this trend flowed into a separate style of interior design.


There are always a lot of people around who want to stand out. This is also evidenced by the prevalence of the style of “Pop Art” in the design of interiors. Epatage, geometry, gloss and plastic are the main features of this style.


Interior design of the living room in the style of Pop Art

Visualization of the living room. View 3.

Pop art style in the interior of the living room photo

Visualization of the living room. View 4.


The main features of the “Pop Art” interior design style:


– Bright, high-contrast colors and the most incredible combinations of the palette;

– Posters of films, portraits of stars and popular characters;

– Abundance of neon light, LED ribbons and powerful lamps;

– Furniture is used according to the principle of “minimalism” (space saving and maximum functionality);

– A lot of brilliance and gloss;

– Textiles mainly synthetic (or silk) with the use of rhinestones;

– Disco ball and LED lamps are often used as a decor.


Hallway in the style of pop art photo

Visualization of the hallway. View 1.


Everyone can afford


For decoration and furniture Artificial materials are used, the accent is usually made on filling the room. Because of this, the style of “Pop Art” is considered the most budgetary, but at minimal cost it gives a fashionable and unique design.


Cartoon Walls


The walls are usually made in 2 variations: white or gray monophonic with a lot of paintings, posters and bright graphics, which adds dynamics to the interior. Screaming, accentuating combinations, smooth transitions of one shade into another are used in the color scheme. Pea and striped patterns are often used.


Epatage in decor and furniture


Distinctive elements of this style are furniture made in non-standard form: sofa-lips, lamp-lipstick, etc. The main thing is the original forms and bright colors! Materials for furniture most often are plastic, wood, glass, also there is a soft textile finish with a print.


“Pop Art” is in demand today.


Of course, this style is not so common in interior design, but still, as a rule, the inhabitants of megacities choose this style. Yes, using “Pop Art” is difficult to create a cozy home atmosphere, but to create an original room with a variety of color accents – easily!


Working area in the style of pop art photo

Visualization of the working area. View 1.


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