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Provence Interior Design Style


The style of Provence is an abundance of comfort.


Visualization of the kitchen. View 1.

Visualization of the kitchen. View 2.


Perhaps, the modern “Provence” is rightfully considered one of the most home styles in interior design. Natural colors, floral shades, comfortable furniture and a unique combination of details make it this way.


If you are tired of everyday bustle, want to plunge into the romantic atmosphere of village life, then this is the ideal choice. This style calms and pacifies you, in whatever condition you are.


This style is able to give the interior silence, tranquility, bring light and comfort, which we lack in the city bustle.


Visualization of the kitchen. View 3.

Visualization of the kitchen. View 4.


History of origin


The style of Provence began its story in one of the regions of France, in honor of which it was named. The French bourgeoisie increasingly began to build their houses in the provinces. At home they decorated simply, but with the inherent French taste and elegance, inspired by nature around. Naturalness, simplicity, comfort – the main features of the interior in the style of Provence.


The basis of the style:


  • Light, muted colors without contrasts predominate;
  • Large wooden windows (usually with white frames);
  • Light rooms;
  • The fireplace is covered with a stone, decorated with a candlestick on top and photographs in a worn baguette;
  • Aged furniture without decor elements upholstered with a cloth with a small floral pattern (in light, soft colors);
  • The predominance of textiles: curtains, carpets, tablecloths, bedspreads. Only from natural fabrics (lay, silk, wool);
  • Forged items: frames for mirrors, railings, watches;
  • Abundance of fresh flowers, porcelain;
  • All patterns are exclusively floral: flowers, insects, etc .;
  • A large central chandelier with an abundance of lamps, floor-lamp shades (in light colors), lamps;
  • Porcelain tableware and floral decor.


Visualization of the kitchen. View 5.

Visualization of the kitchen. View 6.


“Country” vs “Provence”


Styles have similarities, but there are also significant differences. How to find the style of Provence unmistakably?


  • There are never bright shades in it
  • The design in the style of Provence uses an abundance of floral ornament
  • The main elements of the Provence decor are pots with fresh flowers, cockerels, birds – everything that imitates the village in France.


“Provence” has not lost popularity in our time.


Dynamic flow of life and endless stress at work cause emotional dissonance. Furnishing a house or apartment in the style of “Provence” will help to forget about the bustle of everyday life. In addition, if you have a calm character, then you will definitely like it.


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