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Spectacular and minimalistic interior of a Loft-style apartment in Grodno city

Stylish interior design of the apartment in the style of Loft. Small apartment decoration. Scooter in the apartment: where to put. Loft-style office. 24 visualizations. Brickwork and metal in the design. How to stylishly decorate an apartment in 2018.


    Loft style has long been out of coffee shops and restaurants in the design of residential interiors. People increasingly want to have an apartment decorated in this style. Loft looks like a bohemian and elite style, creating the impression of a rich and expensive housing. However, this is not the way it seems at first glance. Having emerged from production premises and factories, this style speaks more about the creative and free thinking of the owner of the house than about his wealth.


    Characteristic features of the apartment in the Loft style are the presence of metal parts in the interior, brick or untreated plaster, as well as a large amount of light due to the lack of curtains on the windows. In such houses, you can not turn on the lights until the evening, which will help to save on electricity.


    This design style is better suited for a spacious, but not a family apartment: it will not look good in a nursery or a large living room for the whole family. However, if you want to see it at home, you can use stylistic elements: brickwork, old technique, decor, etc.


    An office in the Loft style adjusts to the working atmosphere, as it looks succinctly and strictly. Clear silhouettes, the almost complete absence of bright accents will not distract from work. The designers did not create too minimalistic interior, they added interesting solutions to it: a sofa resembling the hood of an antique car and shelves in the spirit of the last century, which diversified the room, adding charm and originality to it. Leather furniture in the interior of the cabinet is also an important detail of the Loft style, because with its observance it is rarely used soft velvet or textile furniture.


Photo of the cabinet in the style of Loft

Visualization of the cabinet. View 1.


    The bedroom should be as comfortable as possible, that is ideal for relaxation. It may seem that this style is not very suitable for its design. But our designers have proven the opposite: if you act in the Loft concept, but at the same time focus on comfort, you will get a full-fledged sleeping interior.


Interior design apartment in a loft style

Visualization of the bedroom. View 1.


Loft-style bedroom

Visualization of the bedroom. View 2.


Photo of the bean bag in the interior

Visualization of the bedroom. View 3.


Interior of the dressing room in the bedroom

Visualization of the vardrobe


    It is pleasant to spend the evenings on a soft bag-chair at the tea table, and a huge bed, which occupies half the floor space of the room, allows even the most irritated inhabitant of a big city to relax. We have not forgotten about the functionality and added shelves for storage, as well as a dressing room, where the owners will be able to comfortably arrange their clothes, without taking up much space in the bedroom.


    Let’s share a life hacking for a small kitchen: put a bar counter instead of a dining table – and immediately solve two problems with space. This way you will save room space and get a comfortable place to eat. Thanks to metal furniture and the predominance of gray in the interior of the room, the kitchen is in line with the idea of the Loft style.


Loft style kitchen design example

Visualization of the kitchen. View 1.


Photo of gray kitchen interior

Visualization of the kitchen. View 2.


Island in the loft style kitchen

Visualization of the kitchen. View 3.


Decoration in the loft style in the interior of the kitchen photo

Visualization of the kitchen. View 4.


    The LED sign on the wall is a great decor: it attracts attention and dilutes the monochrome design. An iron transparent cabinet against a brick wall makes the working area stylish and spectacular. In such a kitchen, you really want to have lunch and spend time cooking.


Interior design of a hall in the loft style

Hallway visualization. View 1.


Interior design of a two-room loft apartment

Hallway visualization. View 2.


Slats in the corridor of the apartment

Hallway visualization. View 3.


    At the entrance to the apartment there is a huge sign – an element that came from Loft-style establishments. Drawings on the walls are another detail that characterizes this style. It harmoniously looks in the interior of the hallway, where large-scale ornaments are often not used.


    The backlit black ceiling visually enlarges the space, continuing the concept of the entire interior. As the owners asked to leave a place for a scooter in the corridor, the designers decided to make the room look like a modern auto repair shop: there are no machines and tools, but there is a feeling of a car salon or a garage.


    The bathroom, decorated with taste and chic, is a new trend of 2018. The feeling of an expensive spa is achieved by a combination of fashionable textures and classic shades of decoration, as well as sophisticated ceramics. A glass partition between the bathroom and the shower cubicle helps divide the space and add dynamics to the interior of the bathroom in the Loft style.



Loft style bathroom interior

Visualization of the bathroom. View 1.


Photo of black and white bathroom interior

Visualization of the bathroom. View 2.


    Creating a recreation area on the balcony can also be considered a fashionable trend of this year: designers create beautiful compositions in loggias, and you want to take a picture of it. Not many cafes and restaurants can boast such a lounge area, which can be found today in ordinary residential apartments. In addition to the fact that on the balcony you can store a bicycle, personal belongings or food, you can also relax there with comfort.


Photos of loft style loggia

Visualization of the loggia. View 1. Option 1.


Roller blinds in the balcony

Visualization of the loggia. View 2. Option 1.


Design project of the loggia with lighting

Visualization of the loggia. View 1. Option 2.


Balcony design with hanging chair

Visualization of the loggia. View 2. Option 2.


    Having arranged the interior of an apartment in the Loft style, you fulfill several desires at once: get a stylish design combined with an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, and also solve the problem of saving space even in a small apartment. If it seems to you to be too strict and aggressive, designers will be able to convince you otherwise, creating a unique design for your apartment in the Loft style.

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