Экспресс дизайн проект

interior design


The interior design of the house in the village Glebkovichi

    The design project of the part of the house (ground floor) of a private house in Glebkovichi is a good example of the interior in the style of Contemporary. Light colors, the lack of walls, simple furnishings – all this makes the interior spacious, functional and cozy.


Hallway interior 13,7 sq. m.


Interior corridor in a private house

Visualization of the stairs in a private house


    Designers of the studio decided to design the house in fresh colors and pure materials, which will give a feeling of lightness, so there are two dominants in the interior: white and wood. This becomes clear immediately upon entering the house. Since most of the walls are missing, you can get from the corridor both to the living room and to the kitchen.


    Part of the corridor is occupied by stairs to the second floor. This takes up space that is offset by a mirror with a wooden frame. In addition to performing its primary function, it visually increases the amount of space.


    The floor, the steps on the stairs, the handrail and the frame of the mirror are made of wood, which, in combination with white, always looks restrained and aesthetically pleasing. The staircase is partially located in the living room, which further blurs the boundaries between the rooms.


Living room interior 29,7 sq. m.


    Living room in the house is a bright and warm room. An important role in creating such an atmosphere is played by the fireplace. In the interiors of Сontemporary style you can often find elements of wood decor. They are also present in the living room. But the main tilt designers Studio 57 made on a combination of white and gray colors. This combination looks soft and concise.


The windows to the floor in the living room in a private house

Visualization of the living room. View 1.


Table decor in the living room

Visualization of the living room. View 2.



    Contemporary style has decorative features of other styles. So, for example, a small curved sculpture next to the fireplace, which could be in an Art Nouveau interior, and a chandelier, which remotely resembled the Gothic style, fit into the interior well.



Fireplace in the living room of a private house

Visualization of the living room. View 3.


The interior design of the first floor of a private house

Visualization of the living room. View 4.



Kitchen interior 25,8 sq. m.


Beautiful dining area in the house

Visualization of the kitchen. View 1.


Contemporary kitchen in a private house

Visualization of the kitchen. View 2.


Kitchen and living room without walls

Visualization of the kitchen. View 3.


    Due to the predominance of white and gray colors, the interior of the first floor of a private house feels calm, stable and confident. These colors are perfectly revealed in combination with the wood. Special attention should be paid to the construction made in the form of a masonry of wooden bricks. It is located around the perimeter of the rooms, what reminds support beams.

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